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Agitation Tank

An air agitation type of machine is very popular in the 3D printing industries to remove the extras of the fused material from the prototypes after printing. This is done on our agitation machine using water and a specific cleaning agent in the tank. The agitation is basically created by the agitators mounted at the bottom of the tank. A pump is provided for the circulation of the liquid media through the agitators which create turbulence in the tank. Due to this agitation, the unwanted extra material is disembarked from the job. To enhance the effective cleaning action the liquid is heated to set temperature by the heaters provided in the tank.

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Standard Specifications

  • Tank fabricated out of S. S. 304 grade 1.6 mm thick sheet
  • Pump provided for input to the eductors
  • Premium quality eductors on two sides of the tank bottom.
  • Digital Timer and Digital Temperature Controller inbuilt.
  • Appropriate S. S. Immersion type heaters are provided.
  • Ball Valve is provided for drain.

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