Our Technology



Based on the newest microprocessor technology
Display showing actual Ultrasonic Power and frequency
Adjustable output power between 10% and 100% of the nominal power of the ultrasonic generator
Automatic constant stabilization of the adjusted output power
User-friendly setting options through plain text and soft buttons.
In-built temperature maintaining circuit to protect from heating.
In-built digital Timer.
Frequency range: 20 to 40KHz
Size of Generator: 145 x 360 x 350mm (L x B x H)
Power output per generator: from 500W to 2400W


High-performance transducer systems with two pizo-electric crystals (Imported from No.1 company in World) for Ultra High strength, quality, durability and performance.

Available as 20 kHz, 28 kHz and 40 kHz units in the material optimally adjusted to your application.